'Chinese Zodiac' Trailer: Jackie Chan Will Bring Back China's NATIONAL TREASURES

May 21, 2012


A belated sequel to Operation Condor, Chinese Zodiac marks Jackie Chan's third time portraying Asian Hawk/Condor--an Indiana Jones-esque treasure hunter who, instead of a whip, uses Jackie Chan appendages and whatever else is around. Like the treasure-hunting adventure genre itself, the character seems to have evolved into something more sleek and distinctly National Treasure-esque than he used to be, but he nonetheless fights dudes with furniture and crates, because it's still Jackie Chan under those goggles. Here's the first trailer for the film, which has quickly become notable because Chan claims it's the last time we'll ever see him doing action outside a Rush Hour sequel or a smoothie commercial. So as he beats a group of men with photography props, gaze upon the scene like parents watching a graduating child, and let the glimmer of the lighting umbrella twinkle in your eye as Jackie Chan knocks a guy unconscious with it.

Man, you get a beer in Jackie Chan, the guy really starts deliberately throwing around the mild insults.

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