Chris Pine Will Do Some 'Mantivities', Assuming I'm Using That Word Correctly

May 16, 2012


Star Trek's Chris Pine has co-written and is now attached to produce and star in Mantivities, a comedy based around a portmanteau Pine apparently thought would make immediate sense to everyone. "Man activities," I guess? That doesn't really work, Kirk.

Pine wrote the script with buddies Will Greenberg, Drew Howerton, Robert Baker, Ian Gotler, and Tony Liebetrau, as screenwriting is one of the many mantivities carried out by men. As you might expect from a script by a group of early-30s guys hanging out together, the film is said to be about a group of early-30s guys hanging out together, "all in various stages of permanent adolescence," and presumably also about the varied activities that engage in that are distinct from ladiversions (lady diversions).

Drop Dead Gorgeous director Michael Patrick Jann is attached to direct from a script that, just to reiterate, Chris Pine and his chums had so much fun hanging out and writing and laughing about so much their mouths hurt from smiling. Said Pine:

"I couldn't be happier to begin the adventure of making Mantivities knowing how much fun we all had writing it. Somehow I get to laugh with my friends and call it work."

It remains to be seen if the "adventure of making Mantivities" is itself a mantivity, or if that's a manventure, which would obviously have to be explored in a spin-off film.

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