Elijah Wood Will Star in Thriller Described as "'Speed' at a Piano"

May 1, 2012


Concert pianist Elijah Wood and his wife are going to die! Unless Elijah Wood plays HIS BEST CONCERT EVER, that is. We're going to make that a movie now, okay, everyone?

As reported by THR, Wood will star in Grand Piano, a ridiculously high-concept indie thriller written by Damien Chazelle and to be directed by Eugenio Mira. Labeled by the trade as "Speed at a piano," the film will see Wood as an esteemed pianist--retired for five years due to crippling stage fright--making a dramatic return to the stage. It's once on-stage that things turn vaguely Speed-esque for the musician, as his sheet music comes with a note explaining that he and his wife will be killed unless Wood comes through with "his best concert ever," so he had better play objectively breathtaking. Just as we nervously watched the speedometer on Sandra Bullock's bomb-rigged bus, we will soon anxiously gaze at.. some sort of indicator that will let us somehow know whether or not the character is playing at his peak! Or something like that. The important part is that this is "Speed at a piano," which sounds very exciting and not at all like "Phone Booth with more encouragement for the arts," which would be stupid.

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