Friedberg and Seltzer Making a 'Hunger Games' Spoof

May 10, 2012


With the Scary Movie 5 team already tending to the long-delayed duty of ribbing Black Swan, prolific, mushy-skulled parodists Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer are devoting their efforts to the more pressing task of lazily assembling some Hunger Games references into something they'll call a movie.

According to Variety, the two have signed on to write and direct The Starving Games (GET IT?), the film that will do for The Hunger Games what Friedberg and Seltzer's Vampires Suck did for Twilight. That is to say, it will be half-assedly framed around the popular franchise while leaving room for some other, largely-meaningless references to popular films and Kardashians. In their sales pitch as Cannes, production company K5 spoiled some of these references, promising buyers that The Avengers, Sherlock Holmes, and the final Harry Potter film will be among the things you've heard of that will be brought up in the film, and already the vivid image of something about a Robert Downey Jr. movie was enough to sell the distribution rights in Germany and the Middle East. Other buyers are presumably just waiting until Flavor Flav is a lock for Lenny Kravitz before paying whatever it takes to get this in their cinemas.

Though the Variety article makes no mention of it, the IMDb claims the duo that brought the world laughter with Meet the Spartans is currently busy shooting The Biggest Movie of All Time 3D, the film Friedberg and Seltzer conceived as "a perfect showcase for our outrageous sight gags, physical comedy and audacious stunts," and also as a no-longer-timely parody of 2009's Avatar. So between that and Scary Movie 5, we should hopefully catch up with lambasting all of last decade's Oscar nominees by this time next year. Then we can at last get on with the business of an Artist parody that breaks the silence with dog farts.

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