'Good Doctor' Trailer: Orlando Bloom Actually a Crazy Doctor, It Turns Out

May 15, 2012


Is The Good Doctor a carefully-shot Sundance drama or an ironically-titled Lifetime Original Movie meant to further frighten women against men and hospitals? Is star Orlando Bloom really a "good doctor," or is he a very bad doctor with a proclivity for poisoning anyone it takes to hold on to a patient he's obsessed with? This first trailer for The Good Doctor asks these questions, then seems to let the former options sorrowfully crawl out the window with Orlando Bloom's little boy haircut.

The Good Doctor comes from Kisses director Lance Daly, with a script from Veronica Mars and Party Down writer John Enbom, suddenly making this all a little more interesting. Dishearteningly, the film will be available first on iTunes July 27th before hitting theaters a month later, which, as J.K. Simmons will authoritatively tell you, is generally not a good sign.

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