'Harmless' Trailer: A Found-Footage Horror That Involves a Literal Box of Pornography

May 4, 2012


Equally inspired by the found-footage horror trend and the way semen stains haunt a skin mag like spectral intruders in a double-penetration scene, Harmless is both the extremist Christian right's answer to Paranormal Activity and one man's rant against the existence of porn--or at least the existence of enough porn to fill a box. As actor/auteur Rich Praytor explains on the film's official site, "Pornography is such a huge problem that simply telling someone how dangerous it is usually doesn't work" to stop the pornodanger, so he has created this horror movie as "sort of a social commentary on how pornography can destroy a family," because families right now need sort of a social commentary to sort of tell them something.

In the film, we follow a young family whose patriarch has a burgeoning interest in both amateur videography and jacking off to people screwing, the latter of which gets he and his similarly-flesh-craving sons in some trouble when his seemingly-innocuous "box of porn" begins to manifest its evils. "Where there was light, there's dark," explains the porn lover's wife, describing both the chilling presence and the hot interracial gang bang lingering about their porn box. The director himself describes the presence as "much like a poltergeist," but in this trailer you only see a bride waiting for a door to unlock and a scowling mom guarding a yeti cave, neither of whom seem all that much like a poltergeist, so I don't know. Perhaps the true evil is the sinful, insatiable pornographic desire that, with but a few hurried gestures of the hand, just seems to fade away, much like a poltergeist.

Oh, I guess I should have warned you about the footage of a kid masturbating so hard smoke comes out. It was probably illegal to watch that. Sorry.


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