Here's What Ashton Kutcher Looks Like in His Steve Jobs Costume

May 14, 2012


Like an episode of Two and a Half Men in which Ashton Kutcher puts on a mock turtleneck and some jeans. (See these jeans below.)


From TMZ, these are the first set shots from the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic that director Joshua Michael Stern decided should include the male lead from No Strings Attached. As seen above in black turtleneck, faded jeans, and running shoes, there's no doubt Kutcher looks unmistakably Jobsian sauntering around with his iced coffee. But as Steve Jobs fanboys who have read all the Steve Jobs comics will no doubt notice, there are some technical issues with the costume: the jeans aren't quiet dad-like enough, the sneakers should be New Balance, and, more crucially, the youthful Jobs the film is said to focus on wouldn't be wearing this uniform until he tired of picking out clothes many years later.

Still, we probably shouldn't judge it all too harshly, as this is just a paparazzi shot that may not be representative of the final product. For all we know, they'll CGI his jeans into more of a taper. Or maybe Kutcher is just wearing this outfit on a day off, perhaps inspired by Daniel Day-Lewis's tendency for method acting and arbitrarily getting lunch in a Steve Jobs outfit. But what we should judge harshly is the film's supposed new title, Jobs: Get Inspired, because it sounds like a poorly-attended after-school career workshop. Someone should fix that.

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