Hey, Look, More Superhero People

May 11, 2012


Just in case you still need one more incredulous gaze from Tom Hardy to convince you to see The Dark Knight Rises, or one more Instagram photo of Peter Parker to get you to pay for The Amazing Spider-Man, here are those things, along with some other new photos and posters from the upcoming superhero films.


From TotalFilm, here's Bane delivering a muffled, "No way, bro!"


Batman still will not shut his mouth. Shut your mouth, Batman. (via)


The new Catwoman is apparently less inspired by feline clawing, more inspired by this animated gif.


Director Marc Web tweeted this photo just to make sure someone would make some comment about this being "hipster Spider-Man." So go ahead.


I'm glad Webb went with the later season Star Trek: TNG collar. Much more dignified.


I'm not that great with Japanese, but I'm pretty sure the text is claiming we'll get to see her sexually assaulted by both Dr. Octopus and a normal octopus.


Dr. Curt Connors has a lot to learn about proper lab coat maintenance. (via)

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