Jackie Chan Done with Action Films, Unless You Count 'Rush Hour 4' or 'Karate Kid 2'

May 18, 2012


Noting, "the world is too violent now," and fearing he is only encouraging this violence every time he fights a man with a refrigerator, Jackie Chan has announced his retirement from action movies. Just as soon as he does Rush Hour 4. And Karate Kid 2. But that's really more of an acting showcase.

Speaking to reporters at Cannes, promoting his upcoming Chinese Zodiac, Chan claimed "This will be my last big action movie."

"I love fighting but I hate violence," Chan added, to explain why he's through with often hilarious brawling. But that's not the only reason for retiring his fists: he also wants people to know he's "not just about fighting," because it would be a real shame if people started pigeonholing Jackie Chan as just a "Jackie Chan" type. Jackie Chan is also an actor, you guys, and he's a pretty old guy, and he would like everyone to start recognizing that:

"I don't just want to be an action star, I want to be a true actor. So for the last 10 years I've done other films like The Karate Kid, where I'd rather play an old man."

Though doing some sequels that would place him again alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt or Billy Ray Cyrus would actually be a pretty effective way of making himself seem a better actor, Chan sadly does not seem to be making any exceptions for any sequels to The Tuxedo or The Spy Next Door. He will totally do another Rush Hour and Karate Kid, though, because that money is crazy and totally worth whatever permanent joint damage it may cause:

"I will ask my body how long I can go. I'm not young anymore," he said, but added: "In the future I'll still do Karate Kid 2, Rush Hour 4."

Phew! But where does this leave us on the action-oriented world of shameless smoothie promotion?


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