Luke Evans May Add Another Non-Car Presence to 'Fast Six'

May 2, 2012


With Jason Statham refusing to play bald, tough UK counterpart to Fast Six's bald, tough American guys, Luke Evans will instead be filling that role with less gruffness but more hair.

Twitch is reporting the Welsh actor--who you've probably seen gilded and/or foppish in Clash of the Titans, Immortals, or Three Musketeers--has been offered the same role Statham turned down, said to be the film's central antagonist. I would like to think the Fast series will descend far enough into cartoonishness that this villain will be an evil, Grinch-like baron who hates cool cars, and wants to create a world in which Vin and his friends never get to drive again. After being defeated by Vin and a new character, a sentient car voiced by Don Rickles, the fiend would again show up just before the credits, pulling up to the Fast team in an awesome convertible filled with bikini babes. "Hey, guys, thanks for steering me in the right direction," he'd quip, lowering his shades, and then everyone would share a laugh. But that probably won't happen. That's more of a Fast Seven.

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