'Maniac' Trailer Lets We Mortals Experience Being Elijah Wood

May 17, 2012


Before he gets around to bringing Speed to the highbrow world of classical piano, Elijah Wood is starring in Maniac, in which he brings women's scalps to the world of a maniac who wants to put them on his mannequins. This remake of the 1980 William Lustig cult classic was written by The Hills Have Eyes remaker Alexander Aja and directed by P2's Franck Khalfoun, who shot most of this version in the first-person, thus allowing us to see the world from behind the eyes of a crazy killer, who is Elijah Wood. See the trailer below, and experience what it's like to be a maniac, and also what it's like to be the kid from North washing your hands in a public restroom. (Not as great as you always assumed.)

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