Meet Your New CGI, Motion-Capture Tarzan and Jane

May 4, 2012


In a rare instance of simian-esque casting that does not involve covering Andy Serkis in balls, Twilight's Kellan Lutz and Resident Evil's Spencer Locke have been chosen to provide the lead motion-capture performances for Constantin Films' Tarzan movie.

The actors, seen above posing for their Aryan Nation senior portraits, will be providing voices and the general movements for Tarzan and Jane in Reinhard Klooss's Tarzan, which updates the Edgar Rice Burroughs tale with hollow, inhuman CGI automatons and also some notable plot changes. For instance, now young Tarzan's (then still Earl Greystoke) parents die in the plane crash that leaves the child to be raised by apes and turned into dude in a loincloth. Jane is now a modern conservationist, and she teams with Tarzan to take down the film's villain, the heartless CEO who took over Greystoke Energies and began using Tarzan's parents' company to lead a mercenary army. Also, as alluded to, now the "thin veneer of civilization" that Tarzan was so fond of stripping away will be replaced with a thicker veneer of dense technological artificiality, which would seem to lose something thematically. Unless the new theme is, "Fuck you, John Carter, we're going to adapt Edgar Rice Burroughs, too, and we're somehow going to do it with MORE CGI gorillas!" If so, then well done.

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