Michel Gondry's 'We and the I' Trailer: Meet the Kids on Public Transit You're Constantly Afraid Will Start Teasing You

May 15, 2012


Back when we first learned Michel Gondry was making film that would put 35 non-actor kids from the Bronx on a bus, I just sort of assumed that "bus" meant "discarded refrigerator box with beach ball wheels and dreams for fuel" and "non-actor kids" meant, I don't know, "physically-manifested whimsy," but this first trailer for that film now reveals I could not have been more wrong in my self-satisfied pigeonholing. Titled The We and the I, the film looks like something of a naturalistic departure from the usual, charming Gondry quirks--even compared to something like Green Hornet. As it turns out, the bus is just a regular public bus, and the kids are just a bunch of typical, screaming, obnoxious high schoolers going home on their final day of school, and we're shown just a regular slice of their lives. So there. See the trailer below, but beware, it spoils that the girl who said she wouldn't see a movie with this dude is totally going to see a movie with him after all.

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