Sharlto Copley Will Be in 'Oldboy', in Pit of Corpses

May 2, 2012


Remember how Spike Lee is making a new version of Oldboy that will have more Josh Brolin? Now District 9 star Shalto Copley will be in that, too, to give Brolin someone to talk to about CGI aliens.

According to Deadline, Sharlto will play the film's villain, Adrian Pryce, "a mysterious billionaire trying to destroy the life of Joe Douchett (Josh Brolin)." If you've seen the original South Korean film, then you already know why all this attempted life destruction goes on. And now you also know that Americanized equivalent of "Oh Dae-su" is apparently "Joe Douchett."

Copley has also reportedly been cast as the lead in Open Grave, a film in which he awakens dazed in a hole filled with rotting bodies and begins to slowly recall that he may be the one at fault. I think we can all relate to that situation, if we replace "rotting bodies" with "crumpled Taco Bell wrappers and a whiskey bottle." That film will be Gonzalo López-Gallego's follow-up to Apollo 18, which was not a very good film, so adjust your anticipation accordingly.

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