'Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview' Trailer Proves We Found That Steve Jobs Interview Alright

May 4, 2012


Back in 1995, long before we knew Steve Jobs' premature death would lead to Ashton Kutcher's best shot at an Oscar, Robert X. Cringely sat down with the Apple co-founder for an hour-long interview for the PBS documentary Triumph of the Nerds: The Rise of Accidental Empires. The tape was thought lost for years, but Cringely recently came across a VHS copy that was cleaned up and released in very limited capacity at Landmark cinemas last year. Because you probably missed that, Magnolia has now bought the rights to the video and has plans to re-release it, unedited (yesss, we'll know if Jobs goes off to the bathroom or anything) next Friday, with on-demand and DVD release to follow later in the summer. It's one final chance to see the entrepreneurial genius talk for a long time before disappointingly not revealing whether or not you should wait on buying a new iPhone. Trailer below.


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