'Taken 2' Looks Absolutely Correct

May 17, 2012


On October 5th, Liam Neeson returns to his definitive role of Whoever Liam Neeson Was Playing in Taken (Assuming Someone Bothered Naming Him) for Taken 2. As we learned last month, director Olivier Megaton is ever-so-slightly altering the "Neeson fucking dudes up" formula this time, in that now, according to an upcoming trailer's title card, "THEY'RE COMING FOR HIM." Last time he came for them, but this time they're coming for him! Get it? In my mind, that's pretty much all you should need to know about Taken 2--let Liam Neeson surprise you a little with exactly how he fucks dudes up, y'know?--but for those that demand evidence of Neeson being awesome beforehand, EntertainmentWeekly has provided the first photos from the film below. They all appear correct.


Liam Neeson prepares to Taken a metalworker.


Liam Neeson yet again Takens a man to death.


Stop, or Liam Neeson will Taken.

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