Taylor Lautner Will Be Bike Messenger with Sexy People and Parkour

May 14, 2012


There hasn't been much progress on Taylor Lautner playing "19-year-old extreme-sports athlete" Max Steel, but the Twilight werewolf will nonetheless ab-muscle his way into becoming the extreme, radical dude of a new generation of Mountain Dew sponsorship.

THR reports Lautner is attached to star in the Daniel Benmayor-directed action-thriller Tracers, in which he'll play "a hot New York City bicycle messenger who is debt to an organized crime gang." That setup sounds sort of like Premium Rush, the action-thriller that stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a [hot] bike messenger on the run from the corrupt Michael Shannon, but Tracers raises the stakes by tacking on additional extreme and sexy things. It seems our hot bike messenger hero will crash his sweet fixie into "a sexy stranger," and then, with her being sexy and all, Lautner will be "immediately seduced by her and the thrill of the world of Parkour." Because this sexy stranger is apparently also in on the thrilling world of Parkour. Biking AND jumping around off walls! This guy is going to be so extreme, but also so conscious of his carbon footprint.

The film is being produced by Temple Hill Entertainment's Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey, who also produced the Twilight franchise and evidently see a promising future in which their star transitions from jumping around as a CGI wolf into jumping around as a bicyclist debtor. That's the game plan, Team Jacob.

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