'The Watch' Red-Band Trailer: Neighborhood Watch Goes Blue, and Asks You Not Associate It with Surrounding News Events

May 4, 2012


In accordance with Fox's innovative new marketing strategy of distancing itself from accusations of racially-motivated homicide, the studio's upcoming comedy Neighborhood Watch is now apparently titled simply The Watch. Similarly, this latest, red-band trailer for the film makes little mention of the fact Ben Stiller, Vince Vaughn, Jonah Hill, and Richard Ayoade are in a neighborhood watch group at all, and it's also careful to avoid the part where the group harasses a teenager and Hill mimes shooting a kid. Smart! What you're left with is what's said to be the real focus of the film's story, anyway: that the four discover some of their neighbors may be aliens and then somehow save the world. And since it's an unrated trailer, you're also naturally left with big dick jokes, cum jokes, and jokes about mutual masturbation and anal rape via R. Lee Ermey. Because when it comes to skirting controversy, truly nothing distracts like the thought of aggressively violation via Ermey. Already you've forgotten about everything except the image of him on top of you, delivering a monologue from Full Metal Jacket.

And here we thought no one from the IT Crowd could possibly do a worse American accent than Chris O'Dowd. At least I think Ayoade's accent was American... sometimes?

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