Tom Cruise Will Form Fraction of 'Magnificent Seven' Remake

May 22, 2012


Even with remakes of Robocop, Carrie, Poltergeist, WarGames, Death Wish, and Valley Girl on their schedule, MGM still hopes to use some of their anticipated James Bond profits to do a long-planned remake of The Magnificent Seven. (After all, that original film was already a Westernized remake of The Seven Samurai, so they'll get double points for it.) And now Tom Cruise is probably going to be one of the seven magnificent guys in that remake.

Though "the project is still a long ways off and is not in Cruise's immediate plans," Variety claims the excitable actor is attached to the impending remake of the 1960 John Sturges classic about a group of seven Americans protecting a rural Mexican village from pillaging bandits. This time last year, Scott Mann was set to direct from a script that moved the action to Thailand, but now it seems both that script (from the writer of BOTH Young Guns films) and Mann have been dismissed, as the trade claims no director is onboard and MGM is currently searching for a writer willing to re-work a remake into a Tom Cruise movie. Hopefully one where Tom Cruise says "y'all." I can't remember if he's ever said that before, but I can't imagine it seems very natural.

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