'Wreck-It Ralph' Will Have Cameos from M. Bison, Doctor Wily, Other Villains Made of Pixels

May 1, 2012


The characters of the Street Fighter series are at last reaching U.S. screens in a context free of the vexing lilts of Jean-Claude Van Damme and Chris Klein.

In an update to the news that Bowser and a Pac-Man ghost would appear in Disney's Wreck-It Ralph, Mashable has added some other fictional character cameos to the list. According to their sources, the animated film will also include famous video game villains Kano from Mortal Kombat, Coily (the springy snake thing) from Q*bert, Doctor Wily from Mega Man, Sonic villain and Mean Bean Machine operator Doctor Robotnik, and Street Fighter II's M. Bison and Zangief, because Zangief's being Russian is close enough to villainy. Also, that unnamed Pac-Man ghost will be Clyde, the orange one, his years doing off-Broadway finally paying off with a speaking part. Sadly, still no SkiFree yeti, even though he is the fucking worst.

For those unaware, Wreck-It Ralph is Disney's attempt at making a video game movie that actually addresses being such, because going at it the Uwe Boll way was sure not working. The animated film casts John C. Reilly as the voice of the titular character, an 8-bit, building-destroying, Donkey Kong-style villain who attempts to turn his life around and become a good guy. Because only through absolution come gimmicky bongo games. Wreck-It Ralph comes out November 2nd.

(via!, thanks to SONYNERDROB)

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