'2 Days in New York' Trailer: Now Julie Delpy in New York with Chris Rock!

June 14, 2012


Did you like Julie Delpy's 2007 romantic-dramedy 2 Days in Paris? Well, then just wait until you see where Julie Delpy is spending 48 hours this time! (It's New York.) Now she's ditched Adam Goldberg for Chris Rock, and sister and father have come to visit and show off their respective sexy legs and sexy man-boobs for a couple days of relationship-taxing entertainment. As touted in the below trailer, the New York Times calls the film "almost as good as vintage Woody Allen," so as long as you keep your expectations slightly below vintage Woody Allen--say, around modern Woody Allen--you will not be disappointed.

Will airport screenings with the elderly and uncouth ever NOT be hilarious? Let's nope not, for Madea's sake.

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