Aaron Eckhart To Continue Doomed Political Career as President

June 25, 2012


Like the recently-elected President Jamie Foxx and President Charles Sheen, Aaron Eckhart is going to make-believe he's the commander-in-chief for our entertainment.

He's reportedly been cast as the President in Olympus Has Fallen, Antoine Fuqua's "Die Hard in the White House" film that is different than Roland Emmerich's "Die Hard in the White House" film because it has a loftier title and less Channing Tatum. Rather, Olympus centers on Gerard Butler, who plays a former Secret Service agent that somehow happens to show up at the White House on the day when some terrorists are taking over the residence, leaving him no choice but to prove HE'S STILL GOT IT by single-handedly taking down the entire terrorist group while affecting an in-and-out American accent. And now Eckhart will be the one saying, "You're welcome to come back to the job and protect me any day, Gerard Butler," as he closely grasps the First Daughter he feared he would never see again.

"Thanks, Mr. President, but I make a better living freelancing. Speaking of: I'll send you the bill," Gerard Butler smirks as music swells and audiences across the nation erupt in applause, confident that, with dialogue like that, this has to be better than the Channing Tatum one.

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