Abbie Cornish Will Likely Be Mrs. RoboCop

June 8, 2012


Sorry, technosexuals, RoboCop is a married man.

It seems he'll likely be married to Abbie Cornish, as Deadline reports the Sucker Punch actress is in talks to join José Padilha's RoboCop remake alongside Gary Oldman, Samuel L. Jackson, and new R. Cop Joel Kinnaman. Cornish would play a wife who believes herself to be the widow Officer Murphy but is, in actuality, living the dream of being Mrs. RoboCop (her husband, Murphy, is killed but secretly re-built as a cyborg police officer, and that is the plot of RoboCop).

Left vulnerable by the perceived loss of her husband, Cornish's character is seduced by the power of Samuel L. Jackson's media mogul and enters into an uncomfortable relationship with him. In the final act of the film, as a sinister Jackson drops to one knee and pulls forth a ring, a familiar, robotic voice interrupts the proposal: "DROP IT... I still love you!" Or at least that should happen, or this is not a very good RoboCop remake.

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