Action Movie Retiree Jackie Chan Already Back to Action Movies

June 28, 2012


Well, that didn't take long.

It's only been a month since Jackie Chan announced he was quitting action films, fearful he might somehow get pigeonholed as an "action star" rather than a "true actor," and because "the world is too violent now." But the world has since apparently become a much different, gentler place than it was back in turbulent May, so Jackie Chan is going to do some crazy action shit again.

THR reports Chan is going to start with an action-comedy to be written by Jay Longino. Drawing off his vast buddy-comedy experience and the time Brett Ratner loosely described Midnight Run, Chan himself concocted the film's idea, which sees him playing a detective hired to track down an American gambler delinquent on debts to a Macau casino syndicate. Will that American gambler question if Chan is properly understanding the words coming out of his mouth? Will it be Billy Ray Cyrus? Because I hope it's Billy Ray Cyrus. But only time will tell. Still: welcome back from action retirement, Jackie!

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