'Arbitrage' Trailer: Richard Gere Has a Rough Time Hiding All His Fraud and Vehicular Manslaughter

June 26, 2012


In Arbitrage, the upcoming thriller from Nicholas Jarecki, hedge fund mogul Richard Gere has it all: a smart, beautiful daughter; a sexy, Susan Sarandon-esque wife (Susan Sarandon); enough money to get his face on the cover of Forbes; a cool, young, black friend; weirdly-squinty eyes and unchanging, prematurely-grey hair that he's somehow pulled off as cool and dignified for the last thirty years. But, as is inevitably the case whenever the setup is "hey, look at what a perfect life this guy has," it's all ends up being a façade for some dark Richard Gere secrets. For one thing, turns out Gere has stolen enough money from his company that he's "looking at a thousand years jail time," which is so much jail time. Second dark secret: Richard Gere has a mistress. Third dark secret: Richard Gere is getting kind of old and sometimes drifts off at the wheel--and, whoops, he just killed his mistress in a car accident and fled the scene of the crime. GERE WE GO AGAIN!

I'm sorry, Richard Gere, but Tim Roth is not buying that story any more than we're buying his New York cop voice.

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