Ashley Tisdale Will Be Our New 'Scary Movie' Lead

June 5, 2012


With stalwart Scary Movie star Anna Faris wisely deciding not to grow old and die in the haunted house the Wayans built, Ashley Tisdale will take over the duty of reacting to wacky Scream masks.

The Weinstein Company, still insistent on making a fifth Scary Movie, today announced the first bit of casting for that film, with Ashley Tisdale taking on one of the lead roles and greatly increasing the chances of a lazy parody of High School Musical. As we learned last month, the Malcolm Lee-directed film is supposedly to be largely centered around a Black Swan spoof that, following through with the racial take on "black" first put forth by civil rights jester Madea, casts one of the leads as an African-American girl. The hunt continues for an actress to fill that part, and then the production can move on to finding someone with presence enough to play the villainous Tokey (Loki with a bong and dreadlocks).

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