Barry Sonnenfeld Moves from 'Men in Black' to 'Metal Men'

June 21, 2012


Hollywood always needs more superhero movies, and director Barry Sonnenfeld (Wild Wild West, Addams Family, MiB) always needs more comedic action-adventures to flood with high-key lighting and (ideally) a title track from an innocuous rapper. Through symbiosis and contract negotiations, said parties will both see their needs met with a Metal Men movie.

According to Vulture, Sonnenfeld will return to the wacky superhero action he explored in his live-action The Tick, attaching himself to the comic book adaptation Warner Bros. has been planning since long before they even decided their Green Lantern movie was a good idea. The plot of the comic deals with scientist Will Magnus, who creates a team of highly-advanced androids whose names, powers, and personalities are derived the metals they're constructed with, such that Iron is strong, Gold is malleable, Mercury is fluid and quick-tempered, Lead causes infant brain damage, and so on. No further details are yet available, but if I were Patrick Warburton, I'd probably just start painting myself metallic right now.

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