Channing Tatum Will Be Protecting President Jamie Foxx (UPDATE: Also, Maggie Gyllenhaal Will Be There)

June 7, 2012


Following in the path of Andrew Jackson, Jamie Foxx will gracefully transition from shooting at white people to living in the White House.

He's in talks to play the President of the United States in White House Down, Roland Emmerich's action-thriller described as Die Hard in the White House. As that description implies, in the film, the White House falls under the control of a paramilitary terrorist group, and only one single-dad/Secret-Service-guy can stop them. That man: Channing Tatum, who was cast as the film's single dad savior last month.

As I'm duty-bound to remind you every time there's any White House Down news, Gerard Butler is also planning on saving the President in Olympus Has Fallen, a film that has an extremely similar premise but a slightly loftier title. Since White House Down has now turned Foxx's allegiance against his Law Abiding Citizen co-star Butler, it's now Olympus's move to attempt something similar against Tatum. Prepare to be skeptical but eventually wowed by President Jonah Hill.

UPDATE: According to Deadline, Maggie Gyllenhaal is in talks to play the film's female lead.

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