First Footage from Ang Lee's 3D 'Life of Pi' Reveals Tiger Claws Will Come Right Out of the Screen, Guys

June 14, 2012


Well, here's the first footage from Life of Pi, Ang Lee's adaptation of Yann Martel's award-winning novel about a boy stranded on a boat with a menagerie that includes a huge Bengal tiger. It's the first 3D film for Lee--who back in April called himself a novice in the medium, saying "it's hard to shoot in 3D"--and in this extremely brief clip, he doesn't waste any time in exploiting the format and having the feline swipe its paws directly at the viewer. I can't decide if he's being disappointingly gimmicky or just really faithful to recreating the experience of having an aisle seat at Cats.

According to BleedingCool, a longer version of this clip is previewed before 3D, non-IMAX showings of Prometheus, so if you want to truly experience Ang Lee's vision of these sweet-ass claws totally coming right at you, that's how to do it.

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