'Flight' Trailer Introduces Us to Denzel Washington: Drunk Hero Pilot

June 7, 2012


In director Robert Zemeckis's return to non-creepy-CGI-shit, Flight, Denzel Washington is a pilot credited with a daring emergency landing made after his aircraft severely malfunctioned. His heroism saved 102 lives, and according to friendly lawyer Don Cheadle, the FAA's tests showed that, of ten pilots given identical simulation circumstances, none were able to safely land the plane to Denzelian standards. Washington's secret? He was the only one astoundingly drunk enough to think landing the plane upside down was a good idea. The split-second ingenuity of Sully Sullenberger can't always be found on the black box, you guys. Sometimes it's in a wine box.

What's your problem, Cheadle? Shouldn't we be more impressed by the landing, then?

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