Guy Ritchie Doing 'Treasure Island' Adaptation

June 1, 2012


Just as Guy Ritchie turned the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle into a stylish Robert Downey Jr. action movie, so too shall he shape the words of Robert Louis Stevenson into... I don't know, probably another stylish Robert Downey Jr. action movie, but with Downey riding the line of infringing on Jack Sparrow copyrights?

According to Deadline, Ritchie is attached to return to the beaches that brought us Madonna in Swept Away for Treasure Island, Warner Bros.' new adaptation of the classic pirate tale. Ritchie will also produce, while Alex Harakis will write the script.

Worth noting: this is a different Treasure Island adaptation than the one Ecosse Films two years ago announced would be "playing up the relationship between Long John Silver and [child] narrator Jim Hawkins." That one still sounds pretty pedo-creepy, and I don't like it.

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