Hugh Laurie in Talks To Be 'RoboCop' Bad Guy

June 13, 2012


Continuing to assemble a cast that's way more likable and interesting than a serious remake of a cyborg officer action-satire would seem to deserve, MGM has reportedly entered talks with Hugh Laurie to play the villain in RoboCop (2013).

It seems Laurie is up for something akin to the Dick Jones role originally filled by Ronny Cox, with Heat Vision describing the unnamed character as "the evil and ultra-rich CEO of Omnicorp," which is the company that--in what could be House, M.D.'s most ethically-questionable medical decision to date--revives a fallen officer as a "robo cop." If talks work out, Laurie and whatever physical affectations he decides on would be joining scientist Gary Oldman, a Mrs. Cop played by Abbie Cornish, and new R. Cop Joel Kinnaman. Here's hoping they saved original weird, monkey-armed puppet for his death scene.


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