'Human Fly', 'Big Hero 6' the Next Logical Steps in Comic Book Movies

June 28, 2012


With superheroes like Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and the Hulk all chugging along in successful movie franchises, thoughts have turned to what other Marvel characters could make a smooth, profitable transition into the film world. Somehow those thoughts led to the conclusions "Human Fly" and "Big Hero 6."

According to Deadline, Eisenberg-Fisher Productions have picked up the recently-reverted rights to Marvel's The Human Fly comics and will executive produce its development as an indie superhero film. Based on real-life stuntman Joe Ramacieri, Human Fly ("The Wildest Super-Hero Ever -- Because He's Real," claimed his tagline) was a daredevil who was not really as popular as, say, Daredevil, and only appeared in his own comic for two years in the late '70s. Over that comic's 19-issue run, the titular character at least once played acoustic guitar at a charity benefit, and met up with Spider-Man and Daredevil at various points. Of course, those characters' film rights are owned by Sony and Fox, respectively, so don't expect any cross-overs of that magnitude in the movie. Though, depending on Curb's shooting schedule, maybe Super Dave could show up?

Meanwhile, Walt Disney is reportedly (via) working on bringing Big Hero 6 to screens in an animated film to be directed by Winnie the Pooh's Don Hall. Appropriate to the name sounding like a poor translation of The Avengers, Big Hero 6 is a superhero team that hails from Japan, and whose members have included such characters as Honey Lemon, GoGo Tomago, Wasabi-No-Ginger, and a few other people equally likely to make you shrug indifferently. Its most well-known members are probably Sunfire and Silver Samurai, but those two belong to Fox because, in terms of rights, they're technically X-Men characters, so you won't be seeing them in a movie. You may be seeing a chef who materializes Qi-Energy into throwing knives, though. Turns out that's who Wasabi-No-Ginger is.

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