Increasingly-Arrogant Marvel Thinks They Can Make 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Movie

June 29, 2012


With The Avengers' worldwide gross currently at over $1.4 billion, Marvel is feeling pretty confident you'll see whateverthefuck collection of superheroes they throw in a theater. And that includes a collection of superheroes that features an anthropomorphic space raccoon.

While Disney's animation department begins work at turning Japanese superteam Big Hero 6 into a feature, Marvel Studios is apparently prepping a Guardians of the Galaxy movie as a 2014 addition to their ever-expanding Marvel Universe. Latino Review first reported the news--since confirmed by THR--and they claim the film will lead into 2015's Avengers sequel and will feature Thanos (the purple guy hamming it up for the camera at the tail end of The Avengers). There's already a script from Nicole Perlman--a Marvel writing program student whose work on two unproduced astronaut biopics and Thor has given her experience in galactic scenarios and ridiculous superhero shit--and it's said to be "INCREDIBLE," in all caps, just like that.

What's still unclear is exactly which characters would find their way on screen in this movie. Over the last fifty years, there have been enough Guardians of the Galaxy members that a list of members gets its own Wikipedia page. In 2008, a second volume of the comic further complicated things by completely rebooting the team, starting over with characters like Adam Warlock, Star-Lord, Cosmo the Spacedog, and Rocket Raccoon. Regardless who makes it into the film, the thing is clearly going to be a big, flashy, summer event, with billboards warning us that The Avengers 2 will make no sense unless we check out these semi-anonymous Galaxy characters, too, so Marvel pretty much already has our money. Those guys know just how to make us pay to watch a talking raccoon in a jacket.

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