'Man with the Iron Fists' Trailer: Lucy Liu Finally Does Action More Ridiculous Than 'Charlie's Angels 2'

June 29, 2012


For something called The Man with the Iron Fists, you would really think there'd be more gauntleted pummeling in this first trailer for the RZA's directorial debut. Outside of a brief opening sequence--in which RZA gives sort of a Metallurgy 101 first-day-of-class intro, explaining that to make weapons you need, you know, like, metal, and some heat--the director/star/Wu-Tang Clansman and his metal hands stay largely out of the picture in this red-band preview. But what the film lacks in a man with iron fists, it largely makes up for with a Lucy Liu with a knife fan, a strangely-game Russell Crowe cowboy with a pistol knife, and a WWE wrestler with golden flesh. If you couldn't tell from the inclusion of those elements, the movie is all-the-way ridiculous. But it's also hard to deny it looks like it will be pretty entertaining, for at least one reason or another.

If that "kiss of death" from Jamie Chung was meta commentary on the effect of her presence in a film, RZA has already proved himself a wayyyy more incisive director than I would have given him credit for.

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