Marvel Has 'Captain America 2' Director Credit Figured Out

June 6, 2012


After months of consideration, Marvel Studios has decided the directors of You, Me and Dupree are the ones to guide another towheaded warrior in his fight against Nazis. (Did you not catch that Owen Wilson, Matt Dillon, and Kate Hudson's You, Me and Dupree characters were, respectively, metaphors for the Allied, Axis, and beautifully-carefree sides of World War II?)

After taking a few months deciding if Friday's F. Gary Gray or The Adjustment Bureau director George Nolfi might be better options, Marvel has settled on brothers Anthony and Joseph Russo to direct the sequel to Captain America: The First Avenger. Blogger jabs at Owen Wilson comedies notwithstanding, the sibling directors are largely the geek-favored choice for the job: in the television world, the two helped shape Community, Arrested Development, and Running Wilde into the beloved/decent-enough-to-watch-on-Netflix cult series they would become. Chris Evans is, naturally, signed to return to the title role, and First Avenger writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely have already written a script in which Captain America blocks some enemy fire with a shield, then goes on the offensive with THE VERY SAME SHIELD. Who saw that coming!?

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