Pret-ty, Pret-ty Good: Jon Hamm To Play Enemy of Larry David

June 19, 2012


Larry David's upcoming improvised comedy may have its central antagonist/schmohawk in Jon Hamm.

Showbiz411 reports Hamm is in talks to join the still-untitled film in a villain role opposite David that will see the actor again highlighting the strong comedic side he's shown in 30 Rock/Bridesmaids/other things in which he's not constantly broadcasting a stoic dignity that belies a haunted past. The prescient visions of Curb/Mad Men fan-fiction will at last be fulfilled, except for all the creepy erotic parts I'm assuming they include.

L.D.'s bald brother Greg Mottola is directing from a loose, improv-encouraging script treatment from David and his frequent TV collaborators, Alec Berg, Jeff Schaffer, and David Mandel. Unfortunately, the treatment is still being written, and the film is but in the planning stages, so it might be a while before we get to see David berate Don Draper about "handsome entitlement" or whatever. For now, sate your cross-overs fantasies with this clip of Hamm discussed nipple sensitivity with Susie Essman. It's all we have.

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