'Resident Evil: Retribution' Trailer: Yeah, This Looks Like Another One of Those

June 14, 2012


Resident Evil: Retribution--the fifth Resident Evil film to have risen in the wake of Milla Jovovich's sliding through various corridors--seems to be the franchise's half-assed invitation for those of us who stopped caring to return to the series. In this trailer, Jovovich begins her journey much like we the audience: living a normal, human existence, blissfully unaware of whatever bullshit happened in all those other Resident Evil subtitles. But it's not long before both she and us are given a quick catch-up on what this franchise is on about: oh, right, Milla Jovovich is a character named Alice, and she endlessly shoots handguns in glowing white hallways, and if this is a 3D entry to the series, shit flies at the screen. Basically, everything is just as you remember it, with even Michelle Rodriguez returning for the first time since the original film, because why not? Anyway, here's the trailer. Get ready something that looks very much like a Resident Evil sequel, but just because it's not bluish enough to be an Underworld sequel.

"I'm gonna kill you."

"Good luck. You'll need it."

"Waiting for a written invitation?"

"Sweet ride."

And THAT'S the final draft of that script!

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