Screen Gems Will Continue Their Male Thoughts with 'Think Like a Man 2'

June 29, 2012


The surprising box office success of Steve Harvey's self-help adaptation/promotion, Think Like a Man ($92 million so far), has already encouraged a belated Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus movie; now, it's birthed a sequel.

It's hardly surprising, but Screen Gems has now made official their plans to continue their hilarious lesson in how men/women are extremely and predictably different. The news comes as Think Like a Man passes Madea Goes to Jail in box office gross, which the L.A. Times notes "some serious bragging rights in terms of box-office triumphs in the black comedy field"--especially because they didn't even have to stoop to pandering cross-dressing to break $90 million. The studio isn't yet revealing if standout star Kevin Hart will return, nor if director Tim Story will return or instead futilely hold out to see if someone will give him back the reigns of Fantastic Four franchise, but one constant fans can count on is the expected, consistently-distracting level of product placement: Steve Harvey's got another book about men to sell!

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