'Snow White and the Huntsman' Sequel Will Give You More of That

June 8, 2012


Now we'll see who's fairest of them all... in tropical Hawaii!

Following a larger-than-expected opening weekend that saw Snow White and the Huntsman bring in $56 million domestic--which isn't entirely all that great for a film with a $170 million budget, but anyway--Universal is looking to move forward with their long-held plans to turn Snow White into the franchise character the Brothers Grimm always intended her to become. The prolific David Koepp has been hired to put together a script for a sequel, and director Rupert Sanders is already in talks to come back and direct with all the gravitas he put in Huntsman. The main actors all have contracts that extend their stay into a trilogy, if Universal so desires, so Thor and the dead eyes of Kristen Stewart are certain to return to their eponymous roles. But will the titlbe be Snow White and the Huntsman and ZOMBIES or Snow White and the Huntsman and VAMPIRES...?

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