'Star Trek 2' Has Klingons That Look Like This

June 5, 2012


Like the background monitor image. Not like J.J. Abrams.

When Abrams appeared in an MTV Movie Awards sketch last weekend, it seems he got into a little of his Lost-ian "look for the clues, superfans!" shenanigans, sneaking the above background Klingon image into a shot of him in the editing room with his Star Trek sequel. As TrekMovie points out, Abrams has already established that his Klingons wear masks like the one seen here--the alien race was cut from the first Star Trek but turned up in a deleted scene you can see here--so there isn't really a question of whether or not it's a Klingon. The question is: is it an intentionally-placed clue about the new film, or is it just, like, a Klingon screensaver that happened to be caught in this moment between a loving shot of Worf and Alexander and a photo of a lady-Klingon's cleavage.

Well, according to HitFix, it's the prior. They contacted Paramount, where reps were cagey about giving anything away but did confirm, yes, it's a still from the new film, it's a Klingon, and "the image wasn't included in the clip by accident."

In short: the upcoming Star Trek sequel will have at least one Klingon, but NOT MY KLINGON.


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