Stephen King's 'It' Will Grant Us Horrifying Clown Franchise

June 8, 2012


Pennywise is returning to haunt our adult lives as he did our childhood, but now with more CGI shit.

As part of a recent King renaissance that has seen development on The Stand, Dark Tower, and Carrie films, Warner Bros.' is finally moving forward with their long-planned feature adaptation of Stephen King's It, with the studio attaching a writer and director to the project. Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre's Cary Fukunaga is reportedly signing on to direct as well as co-write a script with Chase Palmer, who most recently re-adapted Frank Herbert's Dune into a script that will probably never get made. The plan is to split the story into two films, which we'll pretend is to respect the density of the 1100-page tome, not because an executive definitely said "I think this Pennywise looks like a fun, marketable guy with real franchise potential!"

Already adapted into a two-part 1990 TV movie, King's 1986 bestseller followed a group of seven haunted by an inter-dimensional "It" as children, and later as adults. The malevolent being preyed on the fears and insecurities of these individuals, appearing as leeches to scare a boy afraid of leeches, and appearing as Tim Curry in clown makeup to young ABC home audiences who are now forever afraid there is no possible way to ever create anything scarier than Tim Curry in clown makeup. Honestly, Fukunaga, how are you going to top that?

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