What Year Is This? Reese Witherspoon To Star in 'Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus'

June 21, 2012


Through a tragic oversight, somehow this didn't already happen a decade or so ago, so Lionsgate-Summit has gotten straight to work at the necessary task of putting Reese Witherspoon in an adaptation of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from the Venus, the relationship self-help book that humorously posited men and women are from separate planets. Haha, men and women are very different! Reese Witherspoon will finally prove that, and then hopefully fall in love with a jerk with a heart of gold.

Aiding Witherspoon in her '90s comedienne-like task is director Bryan Buckley. Though this would be his first feature, he's apparently quite a force in the commercial world. According to Deadline's report, he's directed over 40 of the expensive, sadly-anticipated spots for the NFL's biggest night, earning him the nickname "King of the Super Bowl." (At least until Elton John took the title through painful literalness.) More recently, he directed those Apple Siri spots, which relevantly showed how men be usin' Siri to chill gazpacho, women be usin' Siri to figure out if falling water is rain.

Production is expected to begin in January, so in the meantime, keep an eye on TBS to make doubly-sure no one already made this, because it still really feels like someone must have. Matthew McConaughey would probably be in it.

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