Wonder Woman Movie Also Gets a Writer, So We're Making That, Too

June 6, 2012


With the announcement that Warner is working on a Justice League movie has come another reveal: they're also working on an accompanying Wonder Woman movie.

Though the recent attempt at a Wonder Woman TV series never got beyond a pilot and a fetish suit, Warner remains determined to get the character back in her invisible jet, one way or another. Now they're back to work on a movie, reportedly hiring on writer Michael Goldenberg to construct a Wonder Woman script, because he wrote Green Lantern and everyone really liked that movie.

Popular sets of full lips and breasts ranging from Jessica Biel to Christina Hendricks to Angelina Jolie have been previously rumored to take on the role of the famous superhero, but if we're ever going to get this goddammer made, it's more and more starting to feel like we should just let Ryan Reynolds do it in drag, isn't it?

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