Adam Sandler's Happy Madison Buys Some More Cars for Their Toy Chest

July 26, 2012


His recently-acquired Tonka truck collection proving too cumbersome for staging cool chase scenes across the back of a Denny's booth, Adam Sandler has bought some new, faster-looking toy cars to play with.

THR reports Sandler, his Happy Madison partner Jack Giarraputo, and Columbia Pictures have begun development on feature-length remake of Bad Toys II, an admittedly cool short you can see embedded below.

Directed by French animators Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste, the original five-minute film takes a make-believe chase with toy cars and blows it up to blockbuster proportions, cutting between real-world carpet-based action and the thrilling, explosion-filled chase going on in the toy handler's Michael Bay brain. The Frenchman will come on as co-executive producers to oversee the adaptation, which is said to expand the premise by focusing on "a grown [presumably cargo-shorted] man reconnecting with his youthful imagination through his son's toys, and his play turns into an homage to big-budget action films." To avoid any confusion about the film being a sequel, one would assume the title will be changed, and maybe Sandler will record a message where he explains how this somehow isn't Bedtime Stories 2: Car We Go Again!

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