'Community' Creator Dan Harmon Doing a Show for Fox Now

July 26, 2012


Since losing his showrunning job on the show he created, Community's Dan Harmon is working quickly to make sure we don't forget him the moment we're given a new Arrested Development episode to pore over.

After earlier this month setting up a crowd-funded stop-motion project with Charlie Kaufman, Harmon has now entered talks to do a comedy pilot for Fox, the network that would never prematurely give up on a cult-beloved ensemble series. Few details on the project are currently known, but TV Guide--still the best source of what's on TV this week!--reports that the show is likely use the increasingly-dated multi-camera format that CBS most-commonly uses as a delivery mechanism for laugh tracks. Seems like a bit of a step backward to go from the cinematic world of Community to multi-camera, but who's to say the show won't be a self-aware, meta commentary that both pays tribute to and satirizes the archaic setup? Probably Fox, once they see the pilot.

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