'Compliance' Trailer: The Milgram Experiment Gets Breaded and Deep Fried

July 2, 2012


A dramatized social experiment patty loosely wrapped in a wax paper of thriller, Compliance asks how far mankind--even the noble fast food shift manager--can be cruelly manipulated through empowerment and a blind obedience to authority figures. Your freshman-year psychology class already tried teaching you this lesson with its chapter on the Milgram and Stanford prison experiments--and this weekend we saw that, under the authority of a district attorney, a giant old woman will hold a man captive under "her rules," forcibly dressing him as a French caricature--but writer/director Craig Zobel here presents the findings more dramatically by way of the ChickWich employment hierarchy: a man claiming to be a police officer calls the fast food restaurant and instructs a manager to detain a counter worker for theft, and from there things perversely escalate until they're unnervingly gross. And not just because of all the close-ups of deep-fryers.

BASED ON A TRUE STORY! So there's probably someone currently thinking, "Yeah, now you tell me not to commit to a strip-search over the phone."

(Thanks, Kelvin.)

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