'Dark Knight Returns, Part 1' Trailer Looks Accurate!

July 31, 2012


As any true Bat-fan should know--lest they seek the nasally upbraiding of other, nerdier Bat-fans--The Dark Knight Rises is not the first tale to pit an aging, out-of-retirement Batman against a hulking, fitter, bald asshole. In 1986, Frank Miller began a comics arc with just such a setup, and created one of the most enduring, influential Batman stories ever with The Dark Knight Returns. Now DC has faithfully recreated that comic in animated form with a two-part film that has its first chapter arriving September 25. Here's the trailer, which stars Peter Weller as the voice of the dystopian Caped Crusader--marking the first collaboration between Miller's storywriting and Weller's droning since RoboCop 2. Let's hope this turns out a little better than that did.

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