'Despicable Me' Minions To Overstay Their Welcome in Solo Movie

July 24, 2012


Universal and Illumination Entertainment are going to make sure to suck alllll the flavor out of their little Tic Tacs.

According to Deadline, the apparently-popular minions of Despicable Me are getting their own animated feature film being set up as a 2014 release. The characters that began as henchman for a sympathetic supervillain are the focus of an already-written screenplay from writer Brian Lynch, and like Lynch's Hop, the script focuses on the interactions between wacky CGI creatures and some humans who may or may not be CGI. The Lorax director Kyle Balda will co-direct with Pierre Coffin, who previously co-directed Despicable Me and co-provides the voices of the minions.

Of course, said voices don't really say a lot that's entirely decipherable, which could prove a problem for audiences already furious at the lack of dialogue in The Artist. But Universal and Illumination have reportedly considered this, and "feel they found a way around this with a story that Meledandri hatched with Coffin, Balda and Renaud." The secret? Having characters that are more like living Nuprin.

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