'Expendables 2' Defies Chuck Norris with R Rating

July 26, 2012


Well, isn't this a slap in the perfectly-uniform beard.

Openly defying the stated will of internet legend and home gym spokesman Chuck Norris, the MPAA and Lionsgate have reportedly settled on giving The Expendables 2 an R rating--which seems appropriate given that, like the original Expendables, the film appears to concern the brutal murders of several hundred individuals. But however appropriate it may be, it clearly means the film has not been edited into the fun, murder-filled family film Norris was promised.

Back in January, Norris claimed he wouldn't do a film with "a lot of hard language in there that would prevent young people from going to see it," adding that Lionsgate had appeased him by assuring a PG-13 rating, "so kids can go see it." Shortly after, Stallone confirmed the far-fetched Chuck Norris Fact, but apparently that was just lip service to keep Norris from angrily kicking down doors, as it's now reported Expendables 2 will hit theaters with rated R "for strong violence, language and brief sexuality." So, while Norris may be disappointed that strong language still made it into the film, at least Van Damme will be pleased they left in his improvised insertion of brief sexuality.

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